Message from the Executive Director

December 8, 2003, Central Boston Elder Services (CBES) held its 29th Annual Meeting Words of Wisdom. We celebrated the lives of six centennial elders and paid special tribute to their frontline workers: case managers, homemakers & home health aides. All of our centennial elders have spoken of the special relationships and deep appreciation of services delivered to them by their frontline workers.

For twenty-nine years, CBES has worked in partnership with frontline workers to carry out our mission of helping elders’ age in place and continue living independently in the communities they know and love.

CBES strives to deliver cost-efficient, supportive, quality services to our elders. Over the years, this goal could not have been accomplished without the support and partnership of frontline workers. CBES is grateful and appreciative of the hard work performed by these workers in assisting us to reach this goal.

As we move forward in a declining economy with both federal and state restructuring of the long-term care system, it is even more prevalent that we maintain the invaluable partnership with frontline workers. These workers are a pillar for providing services to an aging population. It is with great pleasure that CBES presented Words of Wisdom a unique opportunity to salute a handful, out of the many deserving frontline workers, tirelessly working to help us achieve our goals.

We are truly honored to work in partnership with frontline worker.

Catherine Hardaway
Executive Director

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